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The Blind Man is a Somfy "Gold Level" Motization Dealer!  (Somfy is the number one name in blind automation.)

If you are looking for a solution to automate blinds or operate blinds that are out of reach, the Blind Man can help.

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Monday, 02 September 2019

How do you get a light airy look combined with privacy? 


Sheers can be "sheer genius" layered with drapery side panels. 

What makes these sheers so outstanding? They are weighted at the bottom and pleated at the top. 

These sheers are mounted on a custom traverse rod with a baton draw and the front stationary panels are monted on rings. 

The satin gold finish provides a little on-trend bling to the room and ties in with the gold finish on the light fixtures.

The sheers are about 1/2" off the floor because they are intended to move. The side panels are right at the floor. A weighted hem keeps sheers hanging beautifully with no awkward "flare" at the bottom. 

This is an updated, elegant look with the flexibility to open and close the sheers depending on the privacy needs at a given time. 

We would love to create a sophisticated layered look in your home. Call us today for a free consulatation. The Blind Man 615-356-1668. 


Posted on 09/02/2019 4:43 PM by Holly Hines
Friday, 26 July 2019

When it comes to shutters, The Blind Man has always sold wood shutters and ONLY wood shutters. More specifically, we sell Basswood shutters. Basswood is a hardwood that is ideal for making shutters due to its strength and straight grain. Basswood has a built-in resistance to warping. (Lesser wood shutters are made from Poplar.)

Why would we stick to only selling wood shutters? 

Wood is ideal for building shutters. It is stronger and lighter weight than the standard faux wood materials. It is suited to supporting its own weight without being "engineered." This simplicity and integrity of material gives you a shutter that will age gracefully. Wood shutters have a natural beauty from the beginning and they can be repaired if a louver is damaged by a pet or rowdy kid. 

Our wood shutters are a lasting investment that you can feel good about. They are handcrafted here in Tennessee by skilled woodworkers and finished to the standard of fine furniture with a tough lacquer finish. The wood material is sustainable and sourced in North America. 

Faux wood shutters may cost a bit less and but they are akin to MDF furniture that is made in layers and will reveal what it is made of over time. Typically, composite shutters cannot be repaired. If a composite shutter is damaged, you are usually starting over with a whole new shutter that may take 6-8 weeks to arrive. 

Can I have real wood shutter in my bathroom? 

Yes, you likely have wood cabinetry. The wood shutters will be just fine as long as they are not in the shower! (Never say never, we can offer you faux wood for that rare application.)

What are the advantages of shutters? 

Shutters are one of the few window coverings that offer a "complete" solution. Shutters allow for excellent room darkening, or partial privacy. They can also be completely opened to enjoy the view. They are a very flexible option full of possibilities. 

Can I layer curtains over shutters? 

Absolutely! In this case, more is MORE in this case. The combination of drapes and shutters exudes classic elegance. Drapes add color, texture, height and softness to your interior design. 

Call us for a quote today! 615-356-1668

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our wood shutters.






Posted on 07/26/2019 4:30 PM by Holly Hines
Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Same Energy Savings, New and Improved Cordless Controls!

Cellular shades became popular in the 1980s for their sleek modern aesthetic and range of colors. They are regaining popularity with updated colors and new larger cell sizes. Cellular shades are also a great option to motorize and automate. 

Cellular Shade Features: 

  • Energy Efficient
  • Tight fit
  • Low Profile - Shades Almost Disappear When Lifted
  • Cordless Controls are FREE upgrade
  • "Top Down" Feature for Privacy and a View
  • New Collection of Fabrics
  • New Larger Cell Sizes

Graber has just launched a new collection of shades including updated colors and textures. We also have new larger cell sizes available for a more modern clean lined look. 

Check out this recent install in a historic cottage in East Nashville. The top down shades provide excellent privacy while allowing natural light and a beautiful view of the green tree tops. 


Don't you love the collection of houseplants! What a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in. 


Blackout curtains layered over cellular shades provide wonderful privacy and flexibility in the nursery.

Call us today to checkout the latest collection. 615-356-1668. 


Posted on 06/25/2019 6:19 PM by Holly Hines
Friday, 24 May 2019

Move over, blinds and cellular shades, roller shades are taking a growing share of window covering sales.


These are not your grandmother's cheapo vinyl shades. Modern shades come in a variety of textures and colors with your choice of a sleek metal fascia or cassette valance.

They check all the boxes: 



Easy to Maintain

Solar shades also offer excellent insulation while preserving the view. Plus, they are clean lined and minimal. Since they hang vertically, there are not any horizontal surfaces to collect dust. 

Shades are available in varying degrees of "openess" from tightly woven 1% shades to breezy 14% open shades. The openess refers to the amount of UV the shades let through. 

When selecting a color for shades, keep in mind that lighter shades are harder to see though and will obscure the outside view more than darker shades. However, the lighter shades will offer more cooling because they will not absorb the heat as much as darker shades. 

When it comes to reducing glare on televisions and monitors, mid-tone and dark shades are a better option. 


Here's a recent Blind Man install of a roller shade in a Scandinavian inspired interior. This shade is in a white metal fasica. It is a 3% open shade in Solace White. Available with a manual or motorized control. 


Posted on 05/24/2019 4:51 PM by Holly Hines
Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Stained blinds are surging in popularity.

It's a sophisticated look on its own or paired with side panels as shown below. 


 border=0 width=

Photo by Graber Window Fashions, Gray Stained Blinds with Black Tapes
In particular, we are seeing more gray-toned stains used in today's interiors. 
Harbor Gray Stain


Some customers are going retro and adding bold bronze or black decorative tapes to the blinds. 

Black Tape
Chocolate Tape
One of my customers used a gray toned stained blind throughout his home to compliment the dark trim on his window mullions. Another one of my customers went with the dark stained blinds in her family room to add some warmth and coziness. Both were pleased to have the functionality of the blinds with an updated twist.  
Posted on 03/22/2017 1:00 PM by Holly Hines

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